About Us

The directors, Tony Haslam and Lara Haslam, have a combined experience of over 25 years as Internet Marketing Consultants and their teams based in UK and Australia, respectively can provide a wide range of professional expertise in this field.

Why No Ink Marketing?

No Ink Marketing is a fundamentally different kind of Digital Marketing Agency, created to fill a much-needed void in a crowded marketplace. Small Business owners have so much on their hands, they need to work with an agency that can act as Advisor, Creator, Strategist and even Decision Maker. To be flexible enough to wear all hats at varying times, as the need arises.

So that’s what we do. Our aim is to become an integrated part of your business. Whether that means working with an already established in-house Marketing Team, or becoming your Marketing Team. Our commitment to your success is what will make us stand out in the crowd.

Business owners don’t want to go to a multitude of different specialist Digital Marketing Solution providers and spend time juggling them all, they need to be confident in the abilities of the agency they have chosen to be what they need, when they need it. We will always be there, we will always have your back and you will never be just another client, or just another monthly report. We will work as a part of your team, to ensure you succeed.

No Ink Marketing combines the best of both large corporate & small boutique agencies: we’re nimble and innovative while offering the scalability and reliability necessary to take on even the most challenging projects.

Our Skills

Search Engine Optimisation / 90%
Social Media / 90%
Inbound Marketing / 90%
Content Writing / 95%
Digital Strategy / 92%

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