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Our Call Tracking facility provides you with complete details about the page of your site that was being viewed by potential new customers, the moment they decide to call you, as well as how long they spend on their call, who they talk to and even, if you wish, the ability to listen in on the calls to find out how they really went!

Keeping an eye on what is being said about your company on the social media allows you to pick up on rumours as soon as they start. Complaints about bad service or products that don’t appear to do what they are supposed to do are likely to be mentioned first to friends or relatives and can get passed around and distorted quite easily. Make sure you know what is happening and can join in those conversations to defend your reputation.

Waiting until the end of the month to find out what has been happening on your site can mean that reaction times can be slow when rapid changes happen. Being able to stay informed about trends and responses to new pages on your site allows you to respond to us in a timely manner with decisions that need to be made by you.

Total Visability Into Every Campaign, Every Activity & Every Result!

Your No Ink Marketing Dashboard has been developed to integrate with Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and many other online resources, to provide you with ONE centralised hub for ALL your internet tracking & reporting needs. You can use it to :-

  • Communicate with your campaign managers
  • View all of your campaign results in terms of number of calls into your business, numbers of email enquiries, keyword rankings, website traffic and social engagement
  • Track the progress your site is making against your competitors
  • Check on your online reputation
  • Plan your posts on the leading social media platforms with our FREE Social Media Scheduling tool
  • Listen to any of the calls received from your campaigns and download them for your team to hear for training purposes
  • Track the progress of our activities, see everything we have done and everything we are working on, review your reports, and keep on top of tasks we have assigned you

As well as the dashboard, which centralises and streamlines communications, our friendly and expert team are on hand to talk you through what is happening on your campaigns. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss marketing strategy with you or go into detail on any aspect of how your results may become even more beneficial.

We will also automatically email your campaign reports every week & at the end of every month to ensure you remain in control and up to date with everything, even when you don’t have time to review your dashboard.

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