Great Free Facebook Tool


Great Free Facebook Tool

Wondering What To Post Today? – Then Let Sharegrab Help!

I heard about Sharegrab a few weeks ago as a tool to help research relevant engaging posts on Facebook. Basically you group relevant sectors of Facebook pages into ‘PODS’ which Sharegrab will then monitor for you.

Sharegrab Screenshot

You can then check each POD regularly for the most engaging recent posts from that group and choose to use these posts as inspiration. Whether it be for your own posts, share the posts from these sources directly on Facebook, or develop similar content for your own Blog.

Sharegrab touts its main benefits as:

  • Smaller Pages experience the most rapid growth from posts that receive a lot of Shares.
  • Use Sharegrab for inspiration, or Share their post with your fans.
  • ShareGrab makes it easy to find content that has already been tested on similar audiences

I love the idea behind it and as they have just recently announced that the service is being made available for FREE, then in all honesty I’d class it as a must have Facebook tool for small businesses. Sure there are plenty of Facebook post inspiration tools out their (PostPlanner springs to mind), but Sharegrab is simple to use, has a beautiful UI and well, just works! Oh and did I mention it’s FREE????

Check it out and let me know what you think?

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